Hello…  Again…   It’s been a while…

And, yes, when I said that I was going to my blog up again, certain people close to me laughed!  I thought that really unkind  and totally unnecessary!  But you know what?!?   I didn’t let them put me off and so here I am.

So, let me introduce myself again.  I’m Sandra and I’m a photographer.   Oh dear…  I sound like an alcoholic attending an AA meeting! LOL!

Anyway, here goes… I’m not just a photographer,  I specialise in wedding photography but not just any wedding photography.   I want to work with couples who like:
• To do things their own way; and
• In their own unique style.

These couples, my couples love photography and don’t just want a photographer to give them their images on a USB stick, so that they can put them in a drawer and leave them there for years!  You see, they promise themselves that they’ll create a wedding album of their dreams but they never do.  Does that sound like a familiar story to you?
Anyway, I want to capture amazing images of you, your family and friends at your wedding.   I want to create fabulous artwork for your home.    I want to design and create your wedding album that will be your first family heirloom, the one that you’ll be able to pass onto your children and grand children.  That’s my mission!

So, what do I want to do with this blog? Well… I want to share my love of photography with you and it’ll be through the weddings I’ve photographed or anything else that I’ve found interesting.    I also want this blog to be a useful information resource for you while you plan your wedding.    I hope that the things I write about are interesting and useful to you.

Now, you tell me what topics you’d like me to write about.    Please leave your comments below in the comments section.

See you next week.


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