Sorry about the delay… but life just got in the way…  So, onto my third venue.  I think it’s amazing… It’s the Loft Studios.   The Loft Studios are based in Kensal Green, which is in North-West London.  It’s was Victorian factory that’s been converted into an industrial photographic facility and a live event space.  The event space can be hired to hold wedding receptions.

Loft Studios has 5 inter-connecting spaces that can be used as independent areas.  The largest space can seat up to 160 and the smallest space can seat as few as 50.  Loft Studios also has two large secluded court-yards, which the venue says can be adapted to suit your requirements.  

images - loft studios

Credit: Pintrest.com

As I said earlier, I think that the Loft Studios is a great place to have a wedding reception.  Even though it was an old Victorian Factory, it has loads of wonderful, natural light.  It’s an amazing space!  There… I’ve said it! :) I love all of that exposed brick and high ceilings… It’s unusual, quirky and fun… and that’s me… :)   The Loft Studios are fantastic and for me it would be a wonderful place to hold a wedding reception.  The studios and court-yards are great places to take the wedding photos.

But don’t just take my word for it.  To find out more information visit the Loft Studios website http://www.loftstudios.co.uk/events  for more details.

See you next week.

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  1. Sounds like an ace venue – the quirkier the better! Always makes for more interesting pictures!

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