Hello and welcome to my first blog post of the year.

I love to photograph weddings, especially the weddings of couples who have their wedding and receptions in unique, quirky and fun locations. During the Christmas holidays, I was talking to some friends who were looking for a unique but quirky and fun location to have their wedding.  And it gave me an idea for this series of blog posts.

So… I’ve decided to write about some fun and quirky wedding venues in London where you could hold your wedding and reception.  Over the next five weeks I’ll be giving you some locations that may be of interest to you.  They’re all venues in London and I think they are rather cool… 😀

So my first venue is the wonderful London Zoo.  ZSL – London Zoo has a license to perform weddings and civil partnerships.  The weddings can take place in either the Maplin Pavillion or the Prince Albert Suite.  The former can hold up 90 and the later is bigger and can hold up to 260 people.   I think that the best thing about ZSL – London Zoo is that you can hold your wedding reception in one of the Animal Houses and they include the Gorilla Kingdom and the Reptile House… that is sooo cooolll! 😀

For me, ZSL London Zoo is a fabulous place to get married because it is so unique and quirky.  The venues provided by ZSL are incredibly beautiful.  You get the opportunity to get married in a place that brings back lovely childhood memories of the going to the zoo.  Plus you get to make some fantastic new memories of your wedding with your family and friends and have tremendous fun as well.  😀

To find out more information visit the ZSL London Zoo website www.zsl.org or call 020 7449 6562 and speak to their wonderful staff.

See you next week.

Maplin Pavilion - ZSL London Zoo

The Maplin Pavilion – ZSL London Zoo


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