The Ugly Truth About Wedding Albums


Ok… So let’s talk about the it!  The one thing that you’ve both decided that you don’t need from your wedding.  That is… a wedding album!

Wedding Albums: The Ugly Truth!

So let’s look at the ugly truth about wedding albums.  You’ve done your research and you’ve both taken a good look at various wedding photographer’s price lists.  And you just can’t believe how much a wedding album costs!

So you’ve decided that:

  1. You don’t need a wedding album; because
  2. You’ll have all your images from your wedding given to you by the wedding photographer on a USB stick; and
  3. You’re going to make the wedding album yourself!

Now, I can understand where you are coming from.  Your logic on the topic makes perfect sense.  Yes, you’re absolutely right, if your wedding images are in a digital format, you won’t need an album because you can show the images to your friends and family from your phone or computer.  And yes, with even the most basic IT skills you create a wedding album for yourself using online software of the many book and album companies on the Internet.

Why I Think You Should Re-Think Your Decision

However, I think that if you stick to the reasons above you are doing yourself a great disservice.  So let’s look again at those 3 reasons why you think you won’t need a photographer to make your wedding album for you.

  1. You Won’t Need A Wedding Album

I beg to differ but I think that you will need a wedding album.  Your wedding album is going to tell the story of your wedding day.  It will highlight all of the things that you as a couple feel were the most important to you e.g. your family, friends etc.

You’ll be creating your first family heirloom!  That is such an amazing thing for you to do! You’ll be able to pass your wedding album onto your children and grandchildren.  If you are going to be anything like my family and friends your wedding album is going to come out on all of those special occasions like your wedding anniversaries, where you (and your family) will look through it and remember that wonderful wedding day of yours.

It’s also a work of art! Remember why you hired a professional photographer for your wedding.  You want them to capture those important images and memories.  Well, shouldn’t those fabulous images be placed into a beautiful, professional made album that has been created especially for you?…

  1. You’ll Have All Of Your Wedding Images On A USB Stick

That’s absolutely correct! You’ll probably have all of your wedding images on a USB stick or CD.  BUT your USB stick or CD could become corrupted and if that happens you may never be able to access those images again.

It is possible that you could lose your digital copy of those images.  And I know what you’re going to say, ‘Oh… I’ll just go back to my wedding photographer and get another copy!’  And yes, you could do that.   But most of the wedding photographers that I know delete their copies of the wedding images once they have completed the wedding and given their clients their products which includes the USB/CD of images.

Finally, technology does change and advance extremely quickly.  Do you still think that CDs/USB technology will around in the same format in 5 or 10 year’s time?  I don’t think so…

  1. You’ll make your own wedding album

Well… I’m sorry to tell you this… but you probably won’t.  What’s likely to happen is your wedding images will be stuck on a CD/USB in a drawer next to your computer and the USB/CD will hardly be touched.  You’ll say to yourself that you’re going to make an album but you simply won’t get around to doing it…

But if/when you do finally get around to making your own wedding album; you’ll probably use a company that you’ll find online to create one because you’ll feel that it’s more cost effective.  However, I think that you’ll be truly disappointed by the quality of these albums, as they will use poor quality paper and materials to keep their costs down.

When you have your wedding album created by your wedding photographer, they will have access to the very best quality materials.  For example your album will be printed on archival paper and this means that your album and images will last for at least 100 years.

So, please think again about that decision to not have a wedding album.  I think that you will eventually regret it.

Anyway, I hope that these points have been helpful and they have give you some reasons why you should have a wedding album. Just remember, as I said earlier, your wedding album is going to be your first family heirloom… doesn’t that sound wonderful?!?  And inside your wedding album you’ll have some wonderful images and fantastic memories.

So, do you have any other burning questions about wedding albums?  If you do, please leave them below in the comments section.

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