what to wear for an engagement session


‘Ok… It’s done now! So… now I need to think about what to wear… And how do we prepare for this?’ My bride-to be desperately asked me.
You see, my bride-to-be had just booked her complimentary engagement session that I include in all of my wedding collections. And she had just asked the two questions that 95% of my couples ask me when they arrange their engagement session.
So, today, I want to talk about engagement sessions.
1. What to wear; and
2. How to prepare
How to Prepare For An Engagement Session
I’m going to start with the second point first: How do you prepare for an engagement session.

The most important thing is to be yourself! The whole point of an engagement session is to capture great images of you two as a couple. In these images, you personalities should jump out! And we should also see the love you have for each other.

You’ll definitely want to see that because you may want to use some of these images to create some beautiful wall art for your home or have some of your favourite images made into an album that you can look at again and again in the years to come and remember the great time that you had together.

I personally feel, that the best images that we will get of you is when you’re both totally relaxed; comfortable with each other, your location and the clothes you are wearing.


What Do I Wear?
So, back to that first question: What do I wear?
Well here are some tips that I hope will help.

1. Decide On A ‘Look’
• Are you going to go for a ‘sporty’/’casual look? Or
• Are you going to go for a more ‘formal’ look?

Whatever you decide, make sure that you are comfortable and happy about the clothes that you decide to wear. Maybe, you would like to do both – a sporty casual look and a more formal look. In that case, discuss this with your photographer to see if it’s possible to do two different looks in the allocated and the location that you’ve chosen for your engagement session.
2. Co-ordinate With Your Partner
You and your partner will want to co-ordinate with each other’s look. Now, I don’t mean that you have to look like identical twins! But what I do mean is that you should choose clothing and colours that compliment each other.
3. Dress For The Season
Consider the season that your engagement session will take place in. Remember that most engagement sessions (not all… but most) usually take place in am outdoor location. So, there is no point in wearing really thin, summer clothing in the middle of winter, while it snowing… unless that’s what you want to do…
4. Location
Don’t forget that the location that you and your photographer choose will be a fabulous backdrop for your photographs, so choose the location wisely!
Well, I hope that these hints and tips have been helpful and they give you some ideas of what to wear and how to prepare for an engagement session. If you choose to have an engagement session, then all I can say is… enjoy it! The session will be your first set ‘official’ photographs that you will have as a couple. Hopefully you’ll create some wonderful images and make some lasting memories.

So, do you have any other burning questions about what to wear and how to prepare for engagement session? If you do, please leave them below in the comments section.
See you next week.


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