3 Reasons to have an engagement session

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Today, I want to talk about having an engagement session. The reason why I want to talk about this is, recently I’ve had a lot of questions from couples asking me:
1. Why is engagement session so important? And
2. Do they really need to have an engagement session?

As these two questions come up quite again and again I’ve decided to try answering them here. So, here goes… My top 3 reasons or facts why I think engagement sessions are really essential and why I think that if offered an engagement session you should take it.


1. To Establish A Relationship With Your Photographer
I think that is such an important reason why you should have an engagement session. You’ll be able to build a relationship with your photographer before your wedding day.
During the session, you will be able to get to know them better. See how they work and how they work with you and the camera before your Big Day. This will make it easier for both you and your photographer on your wedding day because you will be so much more relaxed. When you are relaxed this will help you to get some great pictures of you as a couple on one of the most important day of your lives.
2. It Will Put You At Ease In Front Of The Camera
Most of the couples that I know or have worked with have never had a professional photographer take their photographs. At the beginning of these sessions, they are usually very nervous and a little awkward in front of the camera. But eventually after a little coaching and some time, they loosen up and we get some great images.
But imagine if the first time that you had ever worked with a professional photographer was at your wedding. An occasion in which you’re absorbed (and quite rightly so…) but an occasion when there is very little time to take your first images as a married couples. Ask yourself this question… Do you think that you might be a little nervous and awkward on this occasion? If you answered ‘Yes’ to this question, then maybe you should consider having an engagement session before your wedding.
By having an engagement session, I think that it will help you to get used to the camera before the wedding in a non-pressurised situation. Then on your wedding day you will be so much more relaxed, which will allow you to have fun and get great pictures on your wedding day.
3. It Will Be Practice For The Big Day!
And, finally… You can also use the engagement session as a trial run for your wedding day. With your photographer you can try out different poses and see which ones work for you. Why don’t you use the session as an opportunity to try out new make up and/or hair styles that you may want to use on your wedding day. And when finally get to view your images you’ll be able to see if they work for you.
Now, you may find that most photographers offer engagement sessions as part of their wedding packages or as an add-on to their packages. I personally offer an engagement session as a complimentary session in all of my wedding collections. The reasons why I do this are:
• I like to get to know my couples a little better before the wedding day.
• I’ll get to see how my couples interact with each other.
• It allows my couples to get to know me and see how I work before their big day. I may even coach them a little bit, so that my couples can relax and get some great pictures of them as a couple
• And… because it’s fun!

Well, I hope that this has helped if you have to make a decision on having an engagement session.
So, do you have any other burning questions about engagement sessions? If you do, please leave them below in the comments section.

See you next week.


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